Objective of CASA

To be intentionally engaged in productive activities outside of the school day, and to serve your community effectively.

Creative Endeavors - An activity that involves the creation of something that betters/beautifies the world around you. Examples: painting a mural, performing in a play/musical, performing a musical recital or dance, learning to play a new instrument, writing and sharing a short story or poem with the public.

Active Physically - Engagement in healthy energetic pursuits. Examples: Involvement as a participant of a sports event, running for health, swimming, working out at a gym, hiking, biking distances.

Service to Others - Contributing to the larger community through giving of your time to better a situation. Examples: Volunteering at Youssef School, helping out at sporting events, holding a bake sale to raise money for a community need, helping out in the creche, tutoring others.

Active Leadership - Involvement in an activity where you are in a leadership role. Examples: Team captain of a sport, holding an office in a club, directing or co-directing an production of some sort, teaching younger children in a class, mentoring a peer, leading a group or activity.

Program requirements

  • 4 experiences in service
  • 2 experiences in creativity
  • 2 experiences in physical exertion contributing to a healthy lifestyle (active)
  • 2 experiences in leadership
A total of at least 10 experiences (see above for requirements in each of the four areas) approved by your advisor

CASA Award Program

Recognition will be given to students who go above and beyond the CASA requirements. Students in the following categories will be recognized at the last assembly of the year (9th-11th grades) and seniors at the parent breakfast in May with a certificate of excellence.

  • Bronze = 20-30 experiences
  • Silver = 31-50 experiences
  • Gold = 51+ experiences