Objective of CASA

To be intentionally engaged in productive activities outside of the school day, and to serve your community effectively.

Creative Endeavors - An activity that involves the creation of something that betters/beautifies the world around you. Examples: painting a mural, performing in a play/musical, performing a musical recital or dance, learning to play a new instrument, writing and sharing a short story or poem with the public.

Active Physically - Engagement in healthy energetic pursuits. Examples: Involvement as a participant of a sports event, running for health, swimming, working out at a gym, hiking, biking distances.

Service to Others - Contributing to the larger community through giving of your time to better a situation. Examples: Volunteering at Youssef School, helping out at sporting events, holding a bake sale to raise money for a community need, helping out in the creche, tutoring others.

Active Leadership - Involvement in an activity where you are in a leadership role. Examples: Team captain of a sport, holding an office in a club, directing or co-directing an production of some sort, teaching younger children in a class, mentoring a peer, leading a group or activity.


35 Total hours of which 10 will be MANDATORY hours in Service component....Hours may be divided in any configuration among the components, but a minimum of 5 hours is required in each

Exceptional status

Going over and above minimal requirements of CASA Hours will result in recognition of Exceptional status: Bronze status = 36 to 40 hrs. Silver status = 41 to 50 hrs. Gold status = 51 and above hrs.